Everton denied a clear penalty and more praise for Jon Moss in Mark Halsey’s Ref Review

After spending a few weeks away climbing Kilimanjaro, ex-Premier League referee and youaretheref.com expert Mark Halsey is back to take a look at the most recent decisions from last weekend’s Premier League action.

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Jon Moss (Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur)

I don’t think Jon should have cautioned Antonio Valencia, he could have just done nothing in that situation. It’s not simulation so just play on, Jon has been refereeing well lately but he didn’t need to caution Valencia there.

For some reason at the moment, none of the big games have been difficult to referee. It starts to matter more maybe towards Christmas, but you can only referee what’s in front of you. I’ve been constructively critical of Jon in recent seasons but this year he has matured.

He’s become more consistent in his performances, he’s matured as a referee and he’s got that experience of being in the Premier League five years now. It can take a while to earn that respect, he’s taking his time and managing the games better, he’s coming out with his yellow cards and red cards too quickly like he used to.

I would like to see Jon now in a really tough game, just to see how he handles it.

Bobby Madley (Crystal Palace vs West Ham United)

The penalty is bang on. Bobby’s in the right place, he’s seen it, he’s given it and the players had no complaints. That always tells you the story if the players think it’s a penalty.

It was an entertaining game, Bobby’s handled it very well and to play seven minutes added time with no complaints means he must have been right. He’s not had the best start to the season, by his own admission, so it’s good to see him get a good game under his belt.

Kevin Friend (Liverpool vs Huddersfield Town)

Everyone was puzzled as to why he gave it watching it live, but on the replay you have to say it’s a fantastic spot by Kevin Friend. Positioning was a key, key factor in this decision and he was in the right position to give the correct decision.

My only little criticism of Kevin would be why on earth did he have to caution Smith? It’s a clear penalty, it’s a little pull but you don’t need to caution the defender.

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Michael Oliver (Watford vs Stoke City)

I just wonder does Michael recognise tempo management? We didn’t see the whole 90 minutes to see what the tempo was like, but I’m at a loss as to why the FA have taken retrospective action when Michael dealt with it by giving two cautions on the day for adopting an aggressive attitude towards an opponent.

I can only imagine he’s been asked what he would do if he’d seen it again, or he’s told the FA he hasn’t seen the full scenario of what happened. Perhaps that is why the FA have charged Troy Deeney, but if they charge Deeney they should really charge Shawcross too, because he put his face into Deeney’s.

Nobody would have argued had Deeney been sent off, I’d just like to see what Michael has said to the FA or the FA have said to Michael. It’s unprecedented really, you can go all the way back to Ben Thatcher and Pedro Mendes to see how little it happens, and that was proper violence.

Michael’s not having his best season and it’s not the first time something like this has happened in his game.

Andre Marriner (Leicester City vs Everton)

Everton had every right to be upset at Andre not awarding them a penalty, only Andre can tell us why because it’s a nailed on penalty kick.

It was an important stage of the game, if it goes to 2-1 there then the game changes massively. It’s a key match incident that Andre has got wrong, he’s been refereeing well this season but he’ll be disappointed when he looks back on that.

Mike Dean (Burnley vs Newcastle United)

I’ve seen the foul on Perez in the build up to the Burnley goal, I’ve seen them given but I’ve seen them not given.

It’s in the opinion of the referee and Mike Dean doesn’t think it’s a foul. You can argue it is but there’s a long way to go from there before Burnley score.


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