Manchester City goal against Arsenal clearly offside, plus praise for Graham Scott in Mark Halsey’s Ref Review

Despite several big games taking place on Sunday, it was a relatively quiet weekend for referees in the Premier League. However, expert Mark Halsey is back to take a look at the most recent decisions from last weekend’s Premier League action.

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Bobby Madley/Jon Moss (Stoke City vs Leicester City)

I’ve alluded before that Bobby Madley has had some fitness issues and they came to fruition on Saturday. There’s not a lot more we can say about that, it never happened to me where I had to come on as a referee during a game.

You don’t have a lot of time to prepare and I thought Jon did well. He took his time, composed himself and took over when he was ready to take over. Fair play to Jon, he refereed well and he’s in a rich vein of form at the moment and long may that continue.

Bobby just has to go away now and work on his fitness.

Roger East (Huddersfield Town vs West Brom)

Tony Pulis will look at it and think perhaps West Brom should have had a free-kick during the build-up to the Huddersfield goal, and to be honest I looked at it and thought they should have had a free-kick too.

But Roger has looked at it and thought it should have gone the other way, and I think everyone was a bit surprised by that. Huddersfield can’t have any complaints with the two cautions for Christopher Schindler, but it continues to beg the question about whether Roger is a Premier League referee.

He’s a lovely guy and I think he’s a solid football league official, but you’ve got to say he’s not a Premier League referee at the moment. Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) have tried to give Roger the experience to get to that level and you can only do that by refereeing week in, week out. But Roger tends to have problems in his games.

We’ve brought Paul Tierney, Stuart Atwell and Chris Kavanagh onto the list and they just don’t seem to be getting the games. You need to be refereeing at that level at least two or three out of four weekends to get that experience. For the life of me I don’t understand it, why on earth isn’t someone like Andrew Madley promoted? He refereed the West Midlands derby very well last weekend and he’s been a good referee for a while now.

Michael Oliver (Manchester City vs Arsenal)

Michael seems more worried about the way he looks at the moment with his haircut, maybe he’s trying to look like Aguero. I think Anthony Taylor has taken the lead ahead of Michael into replacing Martin Atkinson in the elite group with UEFA.

Michael is dropping down because of his performances in the Premier League. Such as the incident leading up to the awarding of a penalty for Manchester City where Arsene Wenger wasn’t happy because he’d given a foul against Mesut Ozil which clearly wasn’t a foul. Ozil clearly played the ball and didn’t foul David Silva, what has Michael seen there?

However, having given that Arsenal still have to defend and I don’t think you can complain at Michael giving a penalty. The question is why hasn’t he then sent Monreal off? It’s not a genuine attempt to play the ball, it’s an upper-body foul and he did not make a genuine attempt to play the ball.

The offside goal is just Stuart Burt making an error, it’s clearly offside. How Stuart isn’t seeing that, an assistant referee at that level shouldn’t be making those errors. The defenders should be playing to the whistle but it’s still a poor decision from Stuart.

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Anthony Taylor (Chelsea vs Manchester United)

Anthony refereed well and clearly showed he’s moved above Michael Oliver in the pecking order for the Elite Group.

I thought he gave the game a chance, he let it breathe. I felt Phil Jones was a bit lucky and Chelsea were unlucky to have a goal disallowed, I think that was just a case of safety refereeing from Anthony. But he only got involved when he needed to and he set his tolerance levels very high. His recognition of careless and reckless was very good and it led to a very good game of football, nobody is talking about Anthony and that’s always a good thing.

I think Martin Atkinson is still the best official in the Premier League, Mike Dean is up there, but Anthony has moved right up there. His tempo management has been very good and he’s learned how to slow the game down, which Michael hasn’t done this season and we’ve seen that in his games this season.

Graham Scott (Everton vs Watford)

I’d like to praise Graham because he’s had some big moments to deal with and Graham has got them all correct.

Everton’s penalty was correct and Watford’s penalty was correct. I was impressed on Everton’s first goal because he could have blown his whistle for a penalty, but he’s held back and allowed the game to go on and Everton have scored.

I think Graham should come out with a lot of praise for how he refereed the game. It goes to show you have to be mentally focused, even coming towards the end of the games. You switch off and you can easily get those decisions wrong.

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