Tottenham vs Arsenal managed well but Manchester United get lucky in Mark Halsey’s Ref Review

Compared to last weekend it was a relatively calm round of Premier League action. Even so, we once again call’s Mark Halsey to talk us through what the referees got right and wrong…


Anthony Taylor (Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal)


If you look at Martin Atkinson or Michael Oliver they’re fairly consistent performers week in, week out. But it was a fabulous game and Anthony contributed to that, I’d just like to see those performances every week because last week at Leicester he wasn’t at it like he was this week.


Jon Moss (Everton vs Crystal Palace)



Michael Oliver (Huddersfield Town vs Bournemouth)

It was a strange one because it’s an absolute penalty and Michael’s refereed the game well, but in my opinion that’s a denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity by Dan Gosling.

It was the last moments of the game and Michael’s probably used his common sense, but if it had happened half an hour earlier would he have sent the player off? I would say I think he would have done, should it make a difference depending on what minute it happens?


Craig Pawson (Newcastle United vs Manchester United)


He’s making big key errors every week and that Newcastle penalty appeal wasn’t hard. Smalling has taken his man down and Craig’s in a great position to see, it’s a clear penalty and I don’t know why Craig hasn’t recognised that challenge.

Craig has at least spotted Smalling’s dive which lead to Newcastle’s goal but I think any referee would have spotted that, but fair play to him for pulling him up on it. Once again though players are not taking a blind bit of notice of the new laws on simulation and I think it’s time for a complete law change on simulation. Look at Neymar on Wednesday night for PSG, he’s dived and he’s incredibly lucky to have not been sent off, it’s not enough of a deterrent for players at the moment.

Craig’s been awarded the Carabao Cup final and I’m really pleased for him and his team, but you’ve got a cup final coming up and you put your best performers forward. I thought Neil Swarbrick had a great chance because he’s been consistent all season, Craig hasn’t. The last time he refereed that game at Wembley he had a disaster, but I hope he has a good game and good luck to him.


Lee Mason (Chelsea vs West Brom)

I don’t think Lee was switched on in the first ten minutes because it’s a clear penalty on Jay Rodriguez after a late challenge from Cesc Fabregas.

Lee’s turned away and he’s not kept his vision on the game and later in the game Craig Dawson has committed an awful challenge and Lee has to get himself the best viewing angle to see it. It’s a shame for Lee because he’s suffering from a severe lack of confidence, as is Bobby Madley at the moment.


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