Marcos Alonso lucky not to see red, Manchester United vs Burnley analysed in Mark Halsey’s Ref Review

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This weekend didn’t quite to live up to last week’s standards when it came to refereeing howlers and big game decisions but four officials still come under fire from our expert former referee Mark Halsey (The Ref Online).

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Fulham (Lee Probert)

Lee’s given two penalties in this one. One was for a challenge inside the box which was absolutely a penalty. Lee’s had no hesitation in pointing to the spot and no complaints at the penalty.

The second one was given to him by the assistant Andy Garrett and you have to wonder what Mitrovic is thinking putting his arm out and controlling the ball with this arm? They were two good decisions from Lee and good team work between him and Andy for the second penalty.

Lee’s been out a long time with back problems and it’s pleasing to have him back. We’ve lost Bobby Madley and Roger East and we’re thin on quality referees and I would put Lee in that bracket; his last two games have shown it.

Chelsea vs Bournemouth (Lee Mason)

I thought Marcos Alonso was very, very lucky not to have been sent off for deliberately delaying the restart of play. He knew what Adam Smith was doing, he knew he was way out of position and that throw-in was going straight to where he should have been.

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It’s a big moment because it’s 0-0 and had Chelsea gone down to 10 men you never know. Alonso was lucky that Lee Mason was being very, very lenient. You almost wonder if Lee has just bottled that, why has he not taken stronger action with that incident?

The assistant is flagging furiously to bring it to his attention and he’s just carried on. Alonso was very lucky he was not sent from the field of play for a second cautionable offence.

Crystal Palace vs Southampton (Martin Atkinson)

Martin’s one of the first referees you put on the list and you have to say with this it was a deliberate handball that was well detected.

I only question did he have to caution him? I think a penalty was sufficient but again you have to ask what is Wan-Bissaka thinking there?

Burnley vs Manchester United (Jon Moss)

Last year we were saying how Jon started the season so well but this season we can’t say that. There were some big decisions to be made in this game. Lennon fouled Rashford and it was a penalty, he got that right but if we go onto the sending off for Rashford, I thought the Richarlison one was different and the Hogg one was different because they were more violent.

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Rashford has reacted to Bardsley who has taken a petulant little kick at him, and when you react in that nature you run the risk of being sent off and Jon has sent him off. I think it’s one of those where he puts his head against Bardsley, there’s no movement to headbutt in a violent way and then Bardsley does the same back, if you send one off you have to send both off. I don’t think there would have been many complaints for cautioning both players. Was the action of Rashford really violent? I would say no.

Ben Mee is very, very lucky too to have stayed on the field of play. It was a deliberate handball denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity. You have to ask what the assistant referee is looking for because he’s not looking for offside. He’s got to come in and help Jon because he probably doesn’t have a good view.

Jon has to make himself a better angle by going further to the right but the assistant has still got to help him there.

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