Penalties galore but Tottenham denied at the death and Zaha continues to be unlucky in Mark Halsey’s Ref Review

Slightly later than planned, ex-referee Mark Halsey is back under the spotlight to discuss what turned out to be another busy weekend of refereeing with penalties galore all around the Premier League…


Michael Oliver (Tottenham Hotpsur vs Liverpool)

100% Tottenham should have had a penalty at the end of the match. It was a difficult decision at the time and I thought Michael refereed the game very well and maybe Michael’s thought Son’s lost his balance.

On the replay you can see straight away that Mane has made contact with Son’s left leg which has caused him to trip himself up and Liverpool could have had no complaints had Michael awarded a penalty. Once again, if VAR was in this season I would have expected a review and a last minute penalty there.

Michael was right there but it was one of those that doesn’t hit you live as a penalty, but looking back I think he’ll be a touch disappointed he didn’t spot that one.

But an excellent decision by the assistant to disallow Firmino’s goal in the first minute because Mane was offside and made a move to play the ball.


Craig Pawson (Bournemouth vs Leicester City)

I thought the handball was a little harsh and I didn’t think it was deliberate. But in Craig’s opinion it was and he’s given the penalty.

I don’t think there can be any complaints for the Leicester penalty, it’s just a clumsy challenge. On the red card, I feel we’re continuously seeing too many cheap cautions for careless challenges. I didn’t believe Morgan’s first caution was a caution, just give the free-kick and get on with it.

You can manage situations better and that was one of them. Harry Maguire was quite fortunate because his second challenge was far worse than Morgan’s first challenge so you can argue Maguire was lucky not to go too. I wouldn’t criticise Craig for that but it shows inconsistency.


Jon Moss (Chelsea vs Cardiff City)

Even Neil Warnock said he could see from where he was that it was a penalty so no complaints with that. Jon’s had a couple of difficult games so it’s nice to see him come through this one unscathed and get the decision correct.


Lee Mason (Huddersfield Town vs Crystal Palace)

I don’t think Huddersfield could have had any complaints had their player been sent off for a foul on Wilfried Zaha and Zaha’s right in what he said after the game.

Go back a few weeks and Capoue should have been sent off for a foul on Zaha too and once again we’ve seen a very lenient Lee Mason, as we saw recently when he should have sent off Marcos Alonso.

In Lee’s opinion it’s a caution but I think he was very fortunate to remain on the pitch.


Mike Dean (Watford vs Manchester United)

You can’t argue with Matic’s first caution but once again it’s another situation that could have been managed better. The second one is a careless challenge but a careless challenge is a free-kick and only that.

You only caution on a careless challenge if it’s a promising attack and this wasn’t because there was plenty of defenders around. Mike’s an experienced official but it’s the last seconds of the game and not a mandatory caution. I felt Matic was a bit unlucky.


Anthony Taylor (Southampton vs Brighton)

The first penalty was a clumsy challenge from Bong but the second one I think was a bit harsh. Mark Hughes wasn’t happy at the end and I think if Anthony hadn’t given that everyone would have just said there wasn’t enough contact.

I felt he just felt the contact and threw himself forward. He gave Anthony a decision to make and in their favour he gave the decision. I wouldn’t have given that personally, that goes on all the time in the box and I don’t feel it’s a penalty. It’s all about opinions and Anthony thinks it is but I think the way the Brighton player threw himself forward made his mind up.


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