The Offside Rule Weekly: From Ajax to Alexia to Achilles

Hayley McQueen and Lynsey Hooper are joined by special guest former Lioness, London Bees Coach, and host of the brilliant Footy Pups, Rachel Yankey, to discuss the latest and weirdest news in football.

Listen in as we discuss all the fallout from the Champions League quarter finals, including VAR, Messi’s unravelling of Phil Jones, and the brilliance of Ajax. We look back on some of the most grotesque footballing injuries after Ryan Christie got himself more than a black eye at the weekend. And we also try to work out why it’s so difficult for former Premier League managers to get a new job!

Plus we talk the Women’s Champions League, scheduling head scratchers, and the newest man at the Oche – yes it is football related we promise!


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