Women’s World Cup: Fantasy Football

Sam Kerr Matildas
The most expensive player on the game – Sam Kerr

The Women’s World Cup is just around the corner and not only do we have a great tournament to look forward to, it also means the return of another fan favourite – Fantasy Football. ShePlays are running the game and fantasy football addicts around the globe couldn’t be happier.

Already immensely popular as a side game to the Premier League season, it makes perfect sense for the game to be extended to the major tournament of the summer.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works and how you can join the OffsideRulePod mini league!

How it works

The concept is largely similar to the Premier League (FPL) version. You are required to select a squad of 15 players within the budget of $8,000,000. The prices of players vary from $100,000 to $1,000,000 so you’ll have to try and find the bargains among the world stars.

Your squad must include 2 goalkeepers, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 forwards but unlike the FPL game, you also get two “free choices.” This should make for a larger variety of teams and is an interesting addition.

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From your squad, you must select only 11 (in a valid formation) that will take part in that round. A round runs typically for 4 days during the group phase but this shortens during the knockout stages. You are allowed one free transfer per round during the group stages but this increases as the tournament moves. Every additional transfer will cost you 10 points.

A full and comprehensive breakdown of the rules can be seen here.


Points are awarded for goals and assists but subtracted for red and yellow cards. The site also explains points are awarded based on statistics – the more positive contributions that are made the more points they will score. You’re also required to select a captain for each round who will score double points.

How to join

Once you have registered you can join the OffsideRulePod league by logging in and exerting the league code: Offside1201

Please note you can only join the league once you have created and selected your team!

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