England bag a spot in the final 16 after their 1-0 win yet Argentina still count themselves lucky

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It’s been a tough journey for Argentina

As the players stepped onto the pitch to begin their warm up, Argentina players took a bit more time to take in their surroundings. They are appearing in their second World Cup this summer after effectively having no team between 2015 and 2017 due to no backing from their federation. Last night they were definitely lucky to have veteran, Correa who appeared in the 2007 World Cup but had retired to start a family before Borrello encouraged her to come back.

The AFA only decided four months ago to hand out professional contracts for the first time. They offer around £2,300 per month to help with finances and the team is made of nine professionals and 14 amateur players. The men’s and the women’s team are worlds apart – the women were previously supposed to be paid around £7 for training expenses while on international duty. On one occasion they had to travel through the early hours of the morning due to payment delays and sleep on a bus because they were not given accommodation. Meanwhile, Messi and his squad are sleeping in luxurious 5* hotels – a little bit unfair?

Player of the match

Vanina Correa – 35-year-old Argentina goalkeeper.

Correa started off her brilliant performance with a huge save against Nikita Parris’s penalty. She frustrated the Lionesses with her string of excellent saves until Jodie Taylor was able to find the back of the net in the second half and score England’s winning goal.

Social media has been going mad for Correa over her performance against England and even suggested the men’s coach put her in their squad.

Tweets included: “Scaloni, get Armani out and put Vanina Correa in the bow” and “massive, massive respect for Vanina Correa”.

5 facts about Le Havre (The Stade Oceane)

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· Le Havre is the oldest football club in France

· Paul Pogba’s career started at Le Havre where he joined the youth team

· The stadium is covered in a blue, softly curving shell and birds often fly into the wall of the stadium thinking that it’s water.

· The stadium’s capacity if 25,181 and the attendance at the game was 20,294.

· The stadium is the home ground of Le Havre AC.

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