Women’s Soccer At The Forefront Of Equal Pay Dispute

The call for equal pay in sport has been a pressing issue for several years now and has seen very little being done to tackle the issue.

However with the ongoing press surrounding the issue and the US soccer team, could this be the catalyst needed to make real change?

USWNT co-captain Megan Rapinoe has been at the forefront of the campaign for change

The War Against Equal Pay

The war against equal pay has been an issue around the globe that has required change for many years now. 

And with the star power of the US Women’s National team (USWNT) now involved, this pressing issue has been brought back into the headlines over the last two years. 

Fresh off the back of last year’s World cup victory, the holders are looking stronger than ever before. 

Some sportsbooks sites consider them favourites for yet another win in Australia and New Zealand in 2023 as they continue to make mainstream news in the interim. 

The attention since last summer has turned to a far more pressing issue than winning trophies. 

Following this success the team has challenged the US soccer commission against gender discrimination in order to get the equal pay they believe they deserve. 

With the campaign leading to a lawsuit being filed in 2019, it was the court ruling in the early part of 2020 that has since made all the difference.

A Loss In The Law Suit

In May of 2020, the US court decided a ruling in favour of the US soccer federation against the claims of gender discrimination. 

This shocked everyone involved in the campaign as a number of those working on the case expected a settlement at least and has left the USWNT with very little to work with. 

However the team now says it will be appealing the decision made by the court at a later date. 

This could prolong the case for at least another year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and mean more negative press for the US Soccer Federation for the foreseeable future.

A Win In The Court Of Public Opinion

Despite the loss in the court, the team won over the court of public opinion with their compelling argument. 

With signs of support shown from the US men’s team as well as several other world-renowned sports associations, women in sport are all in solidarity with the US side. 

This has been a PR nightmare for the US soccer federation as they have subsequently been tarred with the brush of sexism. 

A Warning From Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

As former vice president Joe Biden continues his presidential campaign against Donald Trump, there have been several successful and strategic business moves made to change the face of what the US government looks like. 

With this has come a stark warning to the US soccer federation regarding changes that will be made when he becomes president. 

In an official tweet he had this to say: “To the women’s soccer team: don’t give up on the fight. This is not over yet.

To the US soccer federation: Equal pay, now. Or else when I’m president, you can go elsewhere for World Cup funding.”

This is a stark warning and a sign of support for the women’s team that has certainly helped to bring more light to this ongoing conversation.

However, as the dispute continues to rumble on, many are wondering just how long it will take for the team and other sports associations to make a change to the pay gap. 

With this in mind, people are looking to the ongoing war against equal pay in the US as a sign of change in 2020 and the years moving forward. 

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