The Offside Rule Women’s Football: Sweden squeeze into the Euro semis as it rains cats and dogs

Kelly Somers is joined by Carrie Dunn and The Athletic’s Sarah Shephard to talk about Sweden’s last minute winner against Belgium that set up a Euro semi-final against England. With a smattering of cats, dogs and cross-stitch.

We pay tribute to Arsenal superfan Maria Petri, may she rest in peace.

Alasdair Howorth joins us from Morocco for a WAFCON update ahead of the final – why was Rosella Ayane so slow to realise she’d scored the winning penalty?

And Netherlands journalist Annemarie Postma joins us to preview Saturday’s huge quarter-final between the Dutch and France.

Launched fall 2019, The Offside Rule Women’s Football Podcast (previously called The Offside Rule WSL Edition) is our award-winning weekly podcast focused on Barclays FA Women’s Super League. Hosted by Lynsey Hooper and Kait Borsay, the show covers all the teams making up the FA WSL as well as bringing you the latest on internationals. 

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