England v Germany predictions: The Offside Rule team pick Euro 2022 winners and Golden girls

Who will win the tournament? Will Mead or Popp take the Golden Boot? And will we be subjected to one final Mexican Wave ..? Our team have their say.

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Who will win the final and what will the score be?

Kait Borsay, co-founder and presenter: England. At this stage all impartiality is left at the door. After a tense and thrilling final, it’ll end 3-2 to the home nation.

Jessy Parker Humphreys, women’s football writer: England 2-1. I’m not sure if this is based on analysis or just pure belief at this point.

Laura Lawrence, columnist: Having watched all England and Germany’s games, I think England have the edge. 3-1 to England.

Kirsty Roarty, editor: 3-2 Germany in extra time. Well, someone has to tip Germany! No, seriously, either side would be worthy winners and they’ve been my favourite teams to watch throughout the tournament. Both are attacking forces so I predict goals in this final, but the German’s aggression will give them the edge.

Beth Potter, sub-editor: 3-1 England in extra time; if we go the distance we’ll grab two in quick succession. The first ET goal will be scored by Millie Bright up front – because why not go unnecessarily specific (and dramatic) when making predictions?

Rachel Roberts, writer: This will undoubtedly be a tense game, but I think England have enough confidence, skill and momentum to win this final, hopefully before extra time – 2-1 England. 

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Who will net the winner?

KB: Alessia Russo. With another nutmeg and back heel, please.

JPH: Russo. What’s the point of having the best super sub in Euros history if she doesn’t win you everything?

LL: Georgia Stanway.

KR: I reckon Popp will net another double, one of which will be the decisive goal.

BP: Ella Toone with Alessia Russo assist – simply because Russo cannot have lightning strike twice (though I’d really love to be proved wrong in this prediction).

RR: I would love to say Ellen White as, after a tournament where the goals haven’t come for her, to become England’s joint all-time top scorer with the most valuable of goals would be amazing. But, I think we could be in for another moment of Beth Mead magic. 

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Who’s going to end up with the Golden Boot?

KB: I actually think this will go to Alexandra Popp. But England and Beth Mead won’t mind, because they’ll have won the whole thing.

JPH: Popp. I want an England win but if that happens I’d like to see Popp win the Golden Boot. A legendary player who has shown her quality on the stage it has always deserved. I hope she gets the gong to go with it.

LL: England have goals all over the pitch, but Germany seem more reliant on Popp. Think Popp might get it.

KR: Popp will just pip Mead, who’ll also get on the scoresheet. I really wouldn’t want to face Popp in this form – and she just has that steely, focused look in her eyes. She’s fearsome even when celebrating. Good luck, England!

BP: Both Popp and Mead will score and it will go to Beth Mead on assists (5 to 0).

RR: Mead and Popp are tied going into the game and I think, with a predicted tight scoreline, that it could stay this way if they both net another. This individual honour might well be shared. 

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Who will earn the Golden Glove?

KB: I don’t think there is a Golden Glove officially!

JPH: Earps. I still don’t believe she’s the best English goalkeeper out there but, my god, she has risen to this occasion.

LL: The Dame of Diving, Mary Earps.

KR: Frohms, but shout out to Earps who has had a remarkable tournament and pulled off crucial saves. She’s earned that England No.1 jersey for the foreseeable. 

BP: Mary Earps. I looked up some of her stats for this tournament and she has the third-top passing accuracy across the whole competition (I realise that has nothing to do with the Golden Glove, but go with me here) which is quite rogue and impressive as a goalkeeper. Playing out from the back securely will be vital against Germany’s midfield, so I’m manifesting a great match for her.

RR: Earps and Frohms have both only conceded one goal thus far, so in this decider, I have to back Earps to edge out her opposite number by one fewer goal, to send England into ecstasy. 

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Which manager will be more animated on the touchline?

KB: Tough. Sarina Wiegman, I think.

JPH: Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. I think we got Sarina’s biggest animation against Spain.

LL: We saw more emotion from Sarina Wiegman in the semi-final than most people expected. I think she’s going to be pushing her team all the way to that final whistle win.

KR: This might be a draw as emotions tend to spill over in finals. I expect to see Voss-Tecklenburg barking instructions and the normally cool, calm, and collected Sarina really test the stretch in that M&S suit. I wonder if she also owns a waistcoat…

BP: I’m convinced neither manager will show any emotion aside from after their team has scored, so on the basis of my prediction alone it has to be Wiegman.

RR: I can’t see Sarina Wiegman becoming too animated in her technical area no matter how the game develops, so will have to go with Voss-Tecklenburg. 

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And the big question: will there be a Mexican Wave?

KB: When is there not?! It’ll peter out, as it always does, when it gets to the press box – we’re not much fun – leaving some poor souls on the other side to reignite.

JPH: NO. I hope this is the last women’s tournament we see them in.

LL:  Inevitably.

KR: I hope the game’s so enthralling that a rogue supporter doesn’t get the chance to instigate one. We need to stamp this out of women’s football.

BP: I pray no, but I predict yes.

RR: I really hope there isn’t… Perhaps it can happen before kick-off, as the atmosphere builds (does a Mexican Wave boost an atmosphere?) But during the final, Wembley needs to be on top form to roar on these Lionesses to glory, no Mexican Waves in sight. 

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