The Offside Rule Weekly: Does Anyone Care About The FA Cup?

Hello and welcome back to The Offside Rule where today Kait, Lynsey and Hayley are discussing all things FA Cup, ahead of the 4th round kicking off this weekend. Does anyone still care about the competition? If so, what makes it so special? And how should we go about preserving it in an increasingly condensed English football calendar? To answer these questions and more we speak to Athletic news reporter Phil Buckingham and BBC football commentator Vicki Sparks to hear the inside scoop of whether journalists and commentators are as passionate about football’s oldest competition as the Premier League and Champions League. As if that wasn’t enough we also talk Everton and stolen gates.

Hosted by Lynsey Hooper, Kait Borsay and Hayley McQueen, The Offside Rule Weekly is our topical roundtable podcast providing all the football analysis, insights and special guests you need to keep up-to-date on the beautiful game.

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