75. Kristin Demann

2017 was a year where Kristin Demann confirmed her status as one of the most up and coming midfielders/defenders in women’s football.

At 24, Demann still has plenty of time to grow as a defender, but her move to Bayern Munich earlier this year was a sure sign of how well thought of she is by the top teams in Germany.

Demann has also shown her versatility to excel in certain roles, playing regularly as a centre back in the Bundesliga for Bayern Munich, but taking on the role of holding midfielder for Germany during Euro 2017.

Thomas Wörle, Bayern Munich manager says:

“Kristin is a technically well-trained, intelligent central midfielder who has an extraordinary understanding of space and time. Because of her good pre-orientation and perception, she manage to capture situations quickly and to act very safely.”

Gina Lewandowski, Bayern Munich team mate says:

“Kristin is a very technical midfielder who is extremely calm under pressure and has a great vision on the field. She does well changing the point of attack and able to keep possession when necessary.”

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