95: Kosovare Asllani

Moving back home to Sweden appears to have done Asllani the world of good. She has looked like the player many had expected when she joined Manchester City back in 2016 and, even though Linköping missed out in both league and cup, things could have been even worse without her influence. Ten goals from midfield made for a more than respectable year and she played a big role in helping Sweden reach the 2019 World Cup.

Olof Unogard, Linkoping manager:

“I think Kosovare is performing at an all-time-high in her career right now. The last 1.5-2 years has been really good to Kosovare and after coming back to Sweden she’s really evolved to a truly leading and significant player, in both the club and in the national team.”

Peter Gerhardsson, Sweden head coach:

“Kosovare is the best player in terms of individual technique in the Sweden team. Her creative way to play means she is always a big threat to the other team, whoever it is.”

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