21. Amel Majri

Top 100 2019 Amel Majri

Majri skips up just one spot this year and while not being the biggest name in the Lyon team, her importance once again doesn’t go unnoticed. When Majri’s on it she is simply unstoppable. A flying left wnger who can often find herself playing at full-back, Majri’s pace and crossing ability ensures she gets plenty of assists but she’s not short of goals too. Three assists at the World Cup put her high in the rankings but her stats at club level as Lyon once again dominated were as impressive as ever. Majri ended last season with 10 goals and nine assists while she’s already registered four assists this season. You can make a fair argument to say Majri is one of the best left-sided players currently anywhere in the world.

Jess Fishlock, former Lyon player:

“For Lyon, Amel is probably better as a left-back and the team plays better when she’s there because her and Eugenie together are a joke. She doesn’t get that recognition at left-back but she’s one of the most skillful players I’ve ever met. You play a different style of football with Amel because she’s basically a winger at left-back. We would play so different with Amel at left-back, she’s so good on the ball, she links up really well and if she was a winger every game she’d far more credit. She could play anywhere, she’s probably the best player I’ve ever seen in small spaces.”

  22. Debinha 20. Sari van Veenendaal

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2019 – Results

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