63. Formiga

Top 100 2019 Formiga

There’s not a lot left to say about Formiga except a player rising in the rankings from 2018 at the age of 41 shows how remarkable her talent is. Understandably, Forminga is no longer a starter every week but to think she played at the summer’s World Cup 24 years after making her tournament debut in 1995 is truly incredible. Not only that, but Formiga performed and played in big games, including Brazil’s convincing win against Jamaica, their thriller against Australia and she started in the second round match against hosts France which ultimately ended their tournament and probably Formiga’s final World Cup bow. She’s not ready to give up just yet though, a new contract at PSG means she’ll play until she’s at least 42 and she’s already started six league games already this season.

  64. Sarah Bouhaddi 62. Alexia Putellas

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2019 – Results

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