Lynsey gets ‘visual’ on Podcast 25 with footballer’s pictures

If you've listened to this week's podcast you'll have heard Lynsey Hooper talk about her favourite 'football selfies' on the back of Lukas Podolski's photo from a bus during the tube strike in London. Whilst Hayley & Kait went for non-visual tweets that have caught people's attention in recent weeks Lynsey focused on photos from our old favourite Joey Barton, the incredibly #Dench Emmanuel Frimpong and Manchester United coach Phil Neville.

We all enjoy seeing what footballers get up to in their own lives don’t we?! Some always stand out more than others and Lynsey has certainly hit the nail on the head with the choices of Joey Barton and particularly Emmanuel Frimpong. Below you can see the Twitter images that Lynsey referred to during Pod 25 and also a look at the extensive injury list of Abou Diaby which the girls also spoke about during the recording.

And as Lynsey and the gang also touched upon during the podcast was Abou Diaby’s remarkable list of injuries since he joined Arsenal from Auxerre. He’ll be like a new signing when he returns right?! Did you know he started all three games for France at the 2010 World Cup? Incredible. He won’t be doing the hokey cokey any time soon.

Here’s a diagram courtesy of our friends at TalkSPORT…



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