Brand new Press Conference Bingo comes to The Offside Rule!

Following on from the visuals behind this week’s podcast we’ve taken the press conference lines that Twitter followers and listeners to The Offside Rule (We Get It!) came up with earlier this week to create three bingo cards! With the next round of press conferences almost upon us how many of these clichés and dead-cert lines will be heard from managers around the country before the week is out?

The three press conference bingo cards are below. See how many you can tick off!

Will David Moyes bring out the same old lines about his team playing well but just not getting a result? What will Jose have to say after Yaya Toure escaped a ban? And how will Arsene Wenger remark on Arsenal’s blip in the title challenge?

Eyes at the ready folks!

Press Conference Bingo Card ORP 1 edit

Press Conference Bingo Card ORP 2

Press Conference Bingo Card ORP 3

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