Offside Agony Aunts: Manager Searching for a Miracle at The Stadium of Light

Dear Agony Aunts What are your best seaside memories? Eating ice cream covered in sand? Becoming best friends with a donkey? It’s a shame that such places are stagnating. I feel like I’ve taken the curse of the coast, from one place to another. And, at this moment in time, I feel like my managerial appointment has made little difference.

True, there have been memorable moments in the derby games – I’m intrigued now as to how I escaped a headbutting on the touchline. Yes, the cup run to Wembley was magnificent.  Si, muy bien, but I think you’ll agree fans want survival over a bit of cup on the mantelpiece?

I’m increasingly coming to realise that divine intervention is needed for Premier League survival. Can you blame me for being despondent? I think my teams display passion, charisma, charm…as well as running out of steam, despite having a hot headed manager on board. I must face my own flaws at this difficult time, so forgive me for berating myself. Short of the team above collapsing, the only choice is whether to stay on in the north-east or move on. Back to punditry? I’m a Premier League addict, that’s for sure.

I love the pressure, I love the responsibility. But at this rate, I’ll be meeting my old pals at Brighton next season. Help me get rid of the curse of the coasts, dear agony aunts. I believe in miracles, don’t you?



Can Sunderland defy the odds and stay in the top flight? How do you rate the job Poyet has done at the Stadium of Light so far? Will he be there next season?

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