Offside Agony Aunts: Chelsea and England Centurion Writes in…

Dear Agony Aunts Just popped out to do a midweek grocery shop at my local Morrisons (considering I have plenty of time on my hands this isn’t an unusual thing to do now). As I’m sure you all do, I drifted to the magazine aisles with my branded shades on for disguise, and there I came across the World Cup 2014 sticker album. She is a beauty! I still have my 1998 edition with Becks and Bergkamp stuck down with extra accuracy. My mum still has the 2002 edition with me and Sol looking like Wembley’s twin towers (which I never had the pleasure to play under). Ah, even the best of memories start fading.

Writing to you is a good time to reminisce on the glittering highs of my England debut, winning my 100th cap and sweeping through all the trophies before me. Premier Leagues, FA Cups, Champions League, Europa League, League Cup, and Community Shields – I’ve done it all and boy am I proud! Constant success has now been replaced by constant sitting on the bench. Wearing a bib and keeping the ‘Happy One’ company has worn me down behind the public gaze. I’m not particularly sure that seeing young, up and coming left backs galvanises me either.

Age is something which you lovely, young agony aunts will not know about! It’s crept up on me this season. The caricatures are no longer of me crashing a Bentley, but clutching a zimmer frame. John wanted a framed picture in the changing room (laugh all you want but I’m not the only pensioner!). The prospect of retirement is hugging me like an unwanted ex, and I can’t get it out of my head now. Perhaps I should consider a move to the US so I can fist pump Jermain Defoe?

It’s times like these that I wish for Mr Wenger and his career stretching methods. I curse myself for the thought, but the only stretches I get now are on the side-lines at the Bridge. Are my playing days coming to end? What can I do to make it to what could be my last international tournament?

Keep safe, keep cool.


Will the veteran left-back be spending his summer in Rio? What is the long term future for the former Arsenal Invicible?

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