TEAM-MATES: Becky Easton spills the beans on life in the Liverpool squad

The Offside Rule’s Rich Laverty speaks to veteran Liverpool defender Becky Easton about Kelly Smith’s natural ability, Coco Schroder’s driving skills and Asisat Oshoala’s obsessive relationship with her phone.

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Who is the most skilful player you have played with?

Kelly Smith. I played with Kelly for a few years with England and she’s definitely the most gifted player I’ve played with.

You have £1000 to spend, who would you buy a gift for and what would it be?

I don’t see very much of my sister as she lives down south, so I’d probably treat us both to a weekend away.

Who would you least trust to drive the team coach?

Probably Coco Schroder. She’s only given me a lift once and she spent the whole time looking in the mirror, fixing her hair and checking out her nails.

Who is the best player you played with?

Kaz Walker. She was an unbelievable goal-scorer for Doncaster Belles and England, the best in the air of any female player and a great teammate.

Which three teammates would you invite around for dinner?

Ingrid Ryland, Tash Dowie and Katie Zelem. They all love their food and there are never any leftovers with Tash and Zelem.

Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Libby Stout. She has a degree in engineering so would probably be able to design and make some kind of shelter or even a raft/boat. Plus, she goes hunting when she’s home in Kentucky, so we’d be okay for food.

Who is the least organised when you go away as a team?

Probably one of the youngsters, Martha (Harris) or Ash Hodson – there’s not much common sense between them.

Who is the most intelligent?

Probably Katrin Omarsdottir… after myself, obviously. She’s a deep thinker and knows a lot of obscure information.

Who are the best and worst trainers?

The best is probably Tash (Dowie). She always does everything properly and wants to stay behind to do extra. The worst I’d say is Asisat (Oshoala). You have to remove her headphones and phone to get her to train.

Who would you least like to face on FIFA?

I’ve never played video games in my life, so it wouldn’t matter who I faced – they’d all beat me.

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