Team Mates: Sheffield FC’s Carla Ward dishes the dirt on her colleagues

We’re back with our latest version of ‘Team Mates’ from the world of women’s football and this month it’s the turn of Sheffield FC captain Carla Ward to take on our ten dastardly questions. Fresh from her 200th appearance for the club on Sunday, Ward tells all about those she shares a dressing room with…


Who is the most skilful player on the team?

Has to be Jodie Michalska, I don’t think people truly appreciate how good of a footballer she really is because she can pop up with genius moments when you least expect it.

You have £1000 to spend, who would you buy a gift for and what would it be?

I’d have to split it and go with Beyonce dance lessons for Emma Johnson as she believes she actually is Beyonce and ladette to lady classes for Sherry McCue!

Who would you least trust to drive the team coach?

Chloe Dixon hands down…. I’m still not sure how she passed her driving test!

Which three teammates would you have around for dinner and who would do the cooking?

Emma Johnson, Billie Murphy and Ellie Gilliatt, definitely only one cook among us and that’s me.

Who is the least organised on a team trip away?

The gaffer (Zoe Johnson), always after something… Birmingham away last season she forgot the kit 😉


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Who is the most intelligent?

I’d have to say a toss up between Emma Lipman and Billie Murphy.

Who are the best and worst trainers?

Best trainers I would have to say the legend that is Suzanne Davies, the worst have to be Rhema Lord-Mears & Sarah Jackson, I would’ve said Chelsea Flanagan but I think she forgotten where the training ground is…

Who would least like to face on FIFA?

Kenedy Owen…this one will know every trick of the trade!

Who has the worst goal celebration?

Ellie Gilliatt… one of those “Yeah I’ve scored and what” moments where she just walks away.


You can follow Carla on Twitter at @cwardy7 and Sheffield FC at @SFCLadies

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