Team Mates: Houston Dash & Australia goalkeeper Lydia Williams

Team Mates makes a welcome return for 2017 and we’re starting off proceedings with someone who had stood between the posts at several World Cups as well as having a raft of games under her built in both America and Australia. Yep, it’s the Matildas No.1 Lydia Williams who is first up to take on our usual questions about her team mates…


Who is the most skilful player you have played with?

Probably Andressinha at the Dash, she’s Brazilian and doesn’t mind fooling me with some football skills and tricks, plus she loves doing that in games too

You have £1000 to spend, who would you buy a gift for and what would it be?

I would want to spend it on my mum but for one of my teammates I’d say I’d give Morgan Brian a plane ticket to Australia since she’s never been and because Australian summer is the best

Who would you least trust to drive the team coach?

It would depend if it’s automatic or manual gear shifting, if it’s the latter I wouldn’t trust a lot of my teammates hahaha. Maybe Steph Catley since she can only get into second gear on a manual car, but on the other hand if it was an automatic car we would just be jamming away full blast to music.

Which three teammates would you have around for dinner and who would do the cooking?

Steph Catley, Morgan Brian and Erika Tymrak, we all kind of banter a lot so it’s always funny and insulting at the same time.  I think we all would do some part of the cooking or prep because who wants to sit around and watch.

Who is the least organised on a team trip away?

A lot of the girls are last minute packers whereas I like to plan a bit so sometimes I’ll get texts just asking what I’m taking so they can pack it too, but otherwise there’s no one too terrible.

Who is the most intelligent?

I would have to say Clare Polkinghorne and Elise Kellond-Knight in the Matildas. Both have studied quite extensively at university and have degrees in criminology and pharmacy and they’re quite good with words in general.

Who are the best and worst trainers?

I think everyone trains quite well and its always competitive. It helps being in a team environment where we all want to help push each other. So I think with both those questions i cant really be specific to single out one of my teammates

Who would least like to face on FIFA?

Probably Sam Kerr, I’ve seen snapchats of her playing and she’s pretty good.

Who has the worst goal celebration?

To be honest its kind of hard to see what exactly everyone’s goal celebration is when they’re all the way up the other end. I do like seeing a planned celebration go to plan, at the 2007 World Cup the girls jumped around like kangaroos in celebration after a goal.


You can follow Lydia at @lydsaussie

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