15: Sam Mewis

Top 100 2020 Sam Mewis

If there’s a midfielder who covers as many blades of grass as Sam Mewis does, we’d like to see them. Her attacking and defensive qualities make her the ideal box-to-box midfielder and she has slotted into life in Manchester like she’s been there her whole career. Already in key games she has made some of the best midfielders look like they’re not there, able to stride forward with ease and both start and finish attacks for her team. She scored in both the FA Cup semi-final and final to pick her first trophy in England while back in the US she continued to be a star for the national team. Mewis rightly ranks as one of the top midfielders for 2020 and comes in at her best ranking yet.

  16. Ji So-yun 14. Jenni Hermoso

Top 100 Women’s Footballers of 2020 – Results

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