TEAM-MATES: Notts County Ladies defender Amy Turner spills the beans on fellow FA WSL stars

Notts County Ladies and England defender Amy Turner takes our devilish team mates test as we ask who would she spend £1000 on, who is the most intelligent player, who has the worst goal celebration and much more.

In what will become a regular feature on the website, we last put our set of questions to FA WSL veteran Becky Easton at the end of last year.
Who is the most skilful player you have played with?

Jess Clarke is the most skilful player on the team. She always seems to be on the wrong end of my tackles in training.

You have £1000 to spend, who would you buy a gift for and what would it be?

With £1000, I would buy Dani Buet a nice new pair of football boots because she’s still waiting for some she ordered in February!

Who would you least trust to drive the team coach?

I wouldn’t want Rach Williams driving the team bus! She would turn it into a party bus.

Which three teammates would you have around for dinner and who would do the cooking?

I would have some of the internationals round for dinner-Maja Krantz, Angharad James and Aivi Luik. They could each cook me a meal from their respected countries.

Who is the most intelligent?

I would say Leanne Crichton is definitely the most intelligent, she’s cleverer than she looks!

Who are the best and worst trainers?

Ellen White is probably the best trainer, she runs herself into the ground every session. We don’t really have a worst trainer, we always demand high standards from each other in training.

Who would least like to face on FIFA?

I wouldn’t want to face Aileen Whelan on FIFA. I reckon she gets a lot of practice with the kids she babysits.

Who has the worst goal celebration?

I can remember Sophie Walton’s celebration from the first game of last season. The crowd loved it but that was probably the worst goal celebration.

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