TEAM-MATES: Birmingham City star Aoife Mannion discusses her blues colleagues

Birmingham City Ladies and England Next Gen defender Aoife Mannion takes our devilish team-mates test as we ask who would she spend £1000 on, who is the most intelligent player, who has the worst goal celebration and much more.

In what has become a regular feature, we last put our set of questions to FA WSL veteran Becky Easton and more recently Notts County defender Amy Turner.
Who is the most skilful player you have played with?

Freda Ayisi is the queen of ‘two-touch’… her ball control and ability to manipulate the ball in tight spaces is really something.

You have £1000 to spend, who would you buy a gift for and what would it be?

I’d spend it on my parents… send them off on a spa weekend. Like most parents, they spend all their time and money on me, my brother and sister, and put themselves last!

Who would you least trust to drive the team coach?

Mel Lawley, I’ve seen what she’s like on the road when she’s on a mission to get somewhere…

Which three team-mates would you have around for dinner and who would do the cooking?

I’d have a few of our foreign girls over – maybe Andrine, Marisa & Ann. They seem to be quite sophisticated with their food unlike most of us on the team. Andrine would cook us a traditional Norwegian dish.

Who is the least organised on a team trip away?

Least organised… Kirsty Linnett. She is always forgetting essential kit. There’s been at least a couple of occasions in training matches where she’s worn makeshift shin pads made from cut out Costa coffee cups…

Who is the most intelligent?

Off the pitch – Kerys Harrop. She is a lecturer for sports science and wants to do a pHD. It’s a completely different story on the pitch though. As a general rule, whatever Kerys says on the pitch, its best to do the exact opposite. Charlie Wellings is probably the most intelligent player on the pitch. Her movement as a striker is so difficult to defend against.

Who are the best and worst trainers?

The best trainer is Bella Linden; I love that she always does extra in her own time. Andrine is notable hard worker too. Worst trainer is Freda, she measures the training session duration based on how long it will be until she can get home and eat some food.

Who would least like to face on FIFA?

Kirsty Linnett when she’s in a mood – ankle-breaking tackles galore…

Who has the worst goal celebration?

Bella Linden. Her idol is Ronaldo so she mimics his celebrations after every goal she scores in training… and adds in high-pitched screaming.


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